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Laughing my ass off at fireworks

I was watching the show from the D.C. and fell out of my chair laughing.

First, I was uber-impressed at the 1812 semi-closing. I’ve been at the Mall in person when that was done and it is a sight to behold. Massive fireworks, cannons on queue, and applause, quite stirring.

But someone slipped something in sideways on the proceedings. 1812 ended, but the fireworks didn’t. How to fill the time? With Sousa’s Liberty Bell.

Why laugh? Because that is the theme to Monty Python’s Flying Circus. I’m conflicted. My patriotism is incensed, but my funny bone is rocking.

Dear Mr. Bush,

You pay little attention to details. Maybe you spend to much time stragerizing and the bread part of the circus formula goes unaddressed.

Your’s sincerly,



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