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Seriously, who takes the train anymore?

Every trip has an economic impact. With gas at its current price, I decided to look at some alternate means of transportation. Fly? No, you can’t get there from here without making a few stops. Layovers suck. Airport security sucks. By the time you fly, you could drive there. Narrow-ass seats to boot.

The deal is, I need to get to New Orleans. Interestingly, Amtrak goes there. From where I sit, they go there for about $65 round trip. That’s about a tank and 1/2 of gas in my van. I calculate it would take about 2.5 tanks to get to New Orleans and back. I decided to take the train.

It takes longer to get there on the train than to drive, but I figure the stress of not sharing the road with 1,527 idiots between hither and thither is worth it. I get to sit back, relax, have a drink and just arrive. Potty stops are not an issue. Another plus.

I’m taking the Crescent to New Orleans. Sounds like fun. The best part is, I get to see some family that I haven’t seen for quite some time. My cousin is getting his own Coast Guard command and a promotion to Captain. The ceremony takes place on the solstice, in south Louisiana, at high noon. The dress is suit and tie. Oh joy! I expect to be 10 pounds lighter from just water loss.

But family is family. I’m excited for the big promotion and the chance to see some family that I haven’t seen for a few years. Good food in New Orleans is just the icing on the cake.


8 thoughts on “Seriously, who takes the train anymore?

  1. I love riding on the train, too … just be sure to put your brain in “train mode” … lots of reading materials, etc. and no worries about “why is the train stopping out here in the middle of nowhere??????” … ’cause it does that, you see? “The man behind the curtain” is actually a controller somewhere in middle America who minds the tracks and stops trains (or at least one of the trains) when they start approaching each other on intersecting tracks, so sometimes, there’s just NO CLUE as to why the train stopped … but ya gotta have faith!!! Have a great trip, Randy!!


  2. Cool! I’ve taken the train between New York and Philly and New York and DC; love trains. Wish we had more of them. You’ll have a great trip. And, congrats to your cousin (don’t envy you for having to wear a suit and tie during a New Orleans summer, though).

  3. $65 round trip?! that’s a steal! Back when I lived about 100 miles out of NYC or Boston, Amtrak round trip tickets cost about $200 to either place. For a family, this was just a joke. I drove, and hated it.

    Alas, Amtrak is not an option right now. I guess it would cost too much to run the rails out to Hawaii.

  4. I’m jealous—a train ride and New Orleans all rolled into one. Your trip sounds like a wonderful experience.

  5. Kudos for Amtrack! Since Ive taken Amtrack from L.A. to San Jose, I won’t drive down to see mom anymore. I just hop on the train!

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