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Happy Father’s Day 2007

My oldest daughter and son-in-law popped by yesterday to say, “Happy Father’s Day.” His dad is coming in from out of town and they’re spending Sunday with him. I’m here all the time, so I don’t mind.

The jury is not back on whether the youngest will even call on Sunday. She normally only calls when she needs money. It’s getting pretty sorry. I wouldn’t mind so much if she’d just call to say “Hey” every now and again. The last call was, “My brakes are falling out of my car…” There was a long explanation that followed, but all I heard was “…$300.”

My mom sent a nice card about what a good dad I was to her grandkids. A mom’s support is a treasure beyond price. Unfortunately, I don’t have to worry about what to get my dad for Father’s day. He passed away a few years back leaving the puzzle of “shirt or tie?” solved.

I wrote something a while back, first for Memorial Day then re-wrote it for Veteran’s Day. It’s really all about Father’s Day. If you read it, let me know what you think.

When your father is with The Father, Father’s Day is a little sad. Maybe my youngest will call just to say, “Happy Father’s Day.” If your dad is still around and is worth his salt, give him a ring. Dad’s are people, too.


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