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Life Lesson #107

Never fill your coffee maker with water before checking the cabinets for coffee.  Getting water out of a coffee maker is harder than putting it in.


4 thoughts on “Life Lesson #107

  1. Bad move, my friend.

    Also, if you are in fact out of coffee, don’t try to use a coffee substitute like ground sage or rosemary. It doesn’t work.

  2. When that happens and you get old like me, you just add vingar to the water, turn on the pot and run the vingar water through the coffee maker. Then you tell everyone you are just cleaning the pot. You never let on that you ran out of coffee lest the young ones think you’re getting dementia and need to be shipped off to the land of white coats and locked doors.

  3. Also make sure you put the coffee in the maker when setting it up to come on by itself the next morning. According to my hubby hot water is just not the same as a hot cup of coffee. Go figure lol.

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