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Associated Content’s Latest Content Special Offer

 Show What You Know: Summer Special Content Offer

AC is The People’s Media Company, and the perfect place to “show what you know.” This summer we challenge you to create content on ten things you know about.

Through the end of July, we’re offering $8 and up for well-written or produced content that demonstrates an expert/experienced voice. The subject is up to you – just make sure it follows our submission guidelines and is specific enough to offer good details. Next, search the library beforehand to make sure that your content will be a unique addition.

Here are some topic examples:

Back to the Basics: Basketball Drills to Sharpen Offensive Footwork
The Best Boutiques in Houston
Living with __ Disease
How to Get Music Off Your Ipod and onto Your Computer
Student’s Guide to ___ Campus
Craft or home improvement tutorials….

… just think about what you know, write it down, then expand on what you know through research, interviews and taking photos or shooting video. Be sure to indicate your experience towards the beginning of each submission – i.e. discuss what makes you an authority on your subject.

To make sure your content receives the special offer, please:

– Only submit articles, reviews or interviews that are at least 500 words in length
– Only submit vidoes that are 1 minute long and demonstrate good audio and lighting
– Put the letters “CSO” within the sub-headline field upon submission

Offer lasts through July 31, 2007. AC reserves the right to decline any content if it is low quality, too general or doesn’t demonstrate real experience.


5 thoughts on “Associated Content’s Latest Content Special Offer

  1. Just dropping by to say, “hello.” I feel soooo – outta the loop these days; I’ve been distracted with job interviews and possible relocation. Hope life is good :)

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