AC PV conveter v1.3 Now with IE stain-fighting power

I got the IE bug in the converter figured out. If you’re really interested, IE was putting in carriage returns which are not the same as end-of-line characters. In the end, it was a simple 2 line fix to just tell the code to replace “\r”. Thanks for the heartburn Bill..

The new duel-browser-compatible version should be up soon on Michy’s site.   Check the “bug” list at the bottom of the file to make sure you have the version with “RESOLVED: IE reads line breaks where there are none.”

You can either run it from there or download it for off-line use. I also added a little meta tag to the file. If you are wanting to host the page as part of your site, please make note of it and email me. If you don’t, there will be no way to send you updates.

Thanks to all the testers. Pam even reports that this works well in Camino on her Mac. Thanks to Michy for giving me a distribution point.


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  1. Nah, thank YOU for putting all the work into this for us!

    Love and stuff,

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