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AC PV conveter v1.1 – Firefox only

The WordPress editor put in a lot of junk that broke the code that I previously had here. I guess I’ll find some place to distribute this intact.

Run it live at:


7 thoughts on “AC PV conveter v1.1 – Firefox only

  1. Okay I will be off to Accentuate after I run and get some baby wipes! I know you were all dying for that info. Hope you’re enjoying Memorial Day Weekend.

  2. For anyone using a Mac — this works in the (free) Camino browser as well. Mac does not have a text editor, but you can use Google Docs for pasting the cleaned up copy (Step 5) and then continuing onto Excel.

    I am trying it out in Google Spreadsheets and Zoho Sheet as well, to see if it works there (for anyone who does not have Excel).

    Have you worshipped theRandy today?

  3. The Camino thing is good to know, Pam. That puts my mind more at ease that the bug with IE is IE and not me. I was starting to question my programming sanity. Any program that can import CSV should have no problem with the results. I Access all my stuff and the import was perfect.

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