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Converting AC’s PV page to CSV

I spent the weekend writing a program that will convert Associated Content’s page view report into a comma-separated format that most spreadsheet applications will read as nice columns.  I got it free enough of bugs to call it release 0.1.

It’s still has a problem figuring out the “submitted for payment or nonpayment” and the “submitted as Exclusive or Non-exclusive”, but it doesn’t throw off the overall format.  It also puts an extra, leading column in, but that is easily deleted once you have it in the spreadsheet.

If you want to be a beta-tester, please log into AC and send your email address via my content producer page with the message “PV converter beta”.  The whole thing is one simple HTML file.  The instructions are built into the file.

Since this is a very specific program, I’ll only send copies to registered AC producers.  Log in before you message me.  Thanks.


3 thoughts on “Converting AC’s PV page to CSV

  1. Man, I was really expecting the full, frontal nudity you promised in the forums. But this is a interesting project you’ve got going. I’ve actually put my page views on a spread sheet that I fill in by hand each time they are updated.

  2. It’s fantastic!

    I found myself truly impressed!

    Randy, the offer still stands to host it for you if you want…that way, if someone doesn’t want to give you an email address, you can send them a link via private message up to you.

    You guys have to check this out – he’s done a fantastic job with this!

    Love and stuff,



    It works, even on a Mac…..

    Hey, how’d I miss the full frontal? Dang, I have to stop going to bed so early.

    What’s the best way to add the updated numbers?

    Can I mention this on Ning?

    THANK YOU for helping get rid of my PV/Excel/AC migraine!

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