AC Call for Content

No special offers this go-round. Just some ideas for those that might be stumped for something to write. Here’s the email:

Call for Content

Many of us spent the weekend with family, celebrating mom. If you dined out for Mother’s Day, consider submitting a review of the great (or not so great) restaurant and become a local restaurant critic!Here a few things to consider when crafting your review:

– Mention specifics about the atmosphere, menu, service, price, location and menu
– Be accurate and honest
– Make sure it’s at least 400 words
– Refer to your location and the name of the establishment at least 2 or 3 times and include both in the headline
– Attach photo(s) to make your review stand out!

Multimedia idea: Interview a chef, patron or restaurant owner for a video restaurant review.


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  1. Kelly Fleming May 21, 2007 — 03:38

    Very good info.
    I love your blog Randy–I added you to my blogroll.

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