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Associate Content Tip of the Day 28 April 2007: Adding/Deleting Photos

Adding photos to your article
Including a picture with with your article might not increase the original bid, but it does add visibility. Eyes are naturally drawn to pictures before words. Adding a relevant photo increases the chance that mice will click your article.

Sources: StockXchng and MorgueFile both have lots of free-use photos. They both have handy search features to help you find a topical picture quickly. Any site is a potential source if you read the terms and conditions and credit the photo properly. Government sites’ (.gov) photos are normally public domain.

Copyrights: Read the photo’s source site’s terms and conditions. If the photo requires permission be granted prior to use, you’d better get the permission or move on. Even when you do use free-use photos give the photographer credit. There is a spot in the publishing template for their name and URL where you found the photo.

Uploading: Page 5, the last page, of the Associated Content publishing template is where you can upload a picture. Once you locate a picture that you want to use.

  1. Right click and choose “Save image…” in your browser. Some sites have a download feature, but the image may be too large for AC’s restrictions. Just use your right-click to save the smaller image.
  2. Save the image (remember where you put it)
  3. Click the upload button in the template
  4. Browse to the save picture
  5. Click OK
  6. Fill out the copyright, credits and caption information
  7. Click “Upload…”

You can upload up to five photos per article. When the article publishes, the pictures will display in order for every page turned. If your article has fewer pages than photos, your readers will have to use the navigation buttons under the photo area to view the extra photos.

Bugs: The Associate Content publishing template currently does not have a “delete photo” feature. Once you upload a picture, it’s permanently attached to your article. If you want to delete it you will need to delete the entire article and start anew.


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