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Associated Content Tip of the Day: 26 April 2007 The Forums

If you are an Associated Content member and haven’t found the forums yet, you’re missing some great information. The forums have tons of tips and plenty of people willing to help. They’ve got the obligatory gripes that any forum has, but are more helpful than not.

To find the forums simply click the “Community” tab. Before you start posting, it’s a very, very, very, good idea to scan the existing threads and read some of the posts. Before you start your journey into the AC forums, read this article. These are the basics for forum etiquette. Following these simple suggestions will ensure that you have a productive and enjoyable forum experience.

I’m still bewildered by people who have not learned the ins and outs of forum etiquette. People who join a group and immediately start asking questions, griping, or generally acting like they know what’s going on with their very first post don’t add value to the community.

Don’t wait until you have a gripe or problem to join the forum. Become a member and contribute something first. Yesterday, I had to call my Forum’s Anonymous sponsor so she could talk me down from bitch-slapping a newbie.

Nothing grabs my nads harder than seeing the first forum post from someone who has been an AC member for almost a year that asks a question that is floating around in 9 other threads. It normally goes like this:

Newbie — Hey, anyone one else having [insert gripe of the day] problem?

OldTimer — Welcome to the forum. I see this is your first post. Thank you for joining our community and jumping right in, starting a new thread that 13 other people have active right now, posting your question in the wrong folder, and making yourself look like a complete idiot. You’ve been here a year and waited until you had a problem before even looking for the forum. Don’t we feel special to be graced with your presence? We’ve just been sitting here, doing nothing waiting for you to stop by with your stupid question. But now that you’re here we can get busy addressing your petty concern.

Thankfully that response is rare in the AC forums, but by following the rules you can guarantee it will never happen.

Read first. I can’t stress it enough. Read the FAQ. Read the other posts. Take 10 minutes and scan the thread titles. 9 out of 10 questions that are asked are answered in the FAQ.

Again, don’t wait until you have a problem or question before you join. You will find that you have something positive to offer in the forums. You are doing others a disservice by not participating and sharing your knowledge.

Now the fun part. Here is a video that explains the rules (flash required). Happy posting.


11 thoughts on “Associated Content Tip of the Day: 26 April 2007 The Forums

  1. This is too funny. I enjoyed the sample forum posts! Very true. Continue doing your service to the community!

  2. oh my! LOL can I have the number to your forums anonymous sponsor? I can just imagine you bitch slapping a newbie. that’s classic! You tell’em!

  3. Tooooooo funny Randy!!

    Personally, I am beyond the help of a forum sponsor. They keep throwing me out of their meetings saying I have newbie anger issues. Don’t know why? (BTW, AC’s forum not the only one I belong too, so I have many many many issues.)

    As for the bitch slap thing lol so pictured you doing that Randy.

  4. Hey, I was wondering something. I’m a member at AC and having major problems navigating the site tonight, pages aren’t loading, and my inbox on there shows 54 messages but then when I go to it, says there are no messages there.

    Are you having issues with AC as well tonight?

  5. Wow, being a newbie I will be sure to search posts thoroughly! I would hate to get bitch slapped. Loved the post, hope to read your entries more as I go on searching.

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