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Associated Content Tip of the Day: 25 April 2007 Hyperlinks

To create an active link in actually very simple using the standard HTML anchor tag like:
<a href=””>A Writer’s Forum</a>
Only the words “A Writer’s Forum” would display, but clicking them would direct your browser to the site, like this: A Writer’s Forum.

This is the basic anchor and link tag for HTML. There are other attributes that can be applied to the code, but for now, you’ll want to keep it simple.

It is possible to use anchor tags in the article body. There are two ways to do this.

1. With the editor ON: Type the text; select the text; click the “create hyperlink” icon on the editor’s toolbar; type or paste the target URL.

2. With the editor OFF: use the above example to create the correct HTML code.

It is not guaranteed to produce the desired results. If any part of the tag matches one of AC’s keywords the publisher will hack your URL and put its own hyperlink in its place. What are the keywords? No one knows the entire list. Most U.S. state names are AC keywords. This makes embedding an anchor/href to a state government agency almost impossible in the article body.

You may create a link to The Official Website of the State of Alabama by typing the HTML tag <a href=””>The Official Website of the State of Alabama</a> . When you hit the publish button, AC’s “interlinking” software will scan your article and replace “Alabama” with their own link to search results from the AC web site.

The resulting link code would look like: <a href=””>The Official Website of the State of</a><a href=””>Alabama</a&gt; .

Notice that the anchor tag closes after “State of”. The result is two links, pointing to two destinations, but appearing as one continuous highlighted phrase in the article.

Some common words like “running” are AC keywords. Even celebrity names are keywords. You never know what will happen with a link embedded in the body of your article. Use them sparingly.


13 thoughts on “Associated Content Tip of the Day: 25 April 2007 Hyperlinks

  1. Wow! The timing of this reminder could not be better for me! Thanks so much!
    I submitted a CD review yesterday – with hyperlinks – now removed from the body of the article. In their “AC suggested” place, thanks to you. :-)

  2. Thanks so much! I had been doing this exactly backwards — trying to include as many active links in my article as possible.

  3. I still refer to this page – saved in my “AC Tips” file – mostly great Barefoot advice, of course! Thanks again!

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