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Associate Content Tip of the Day 20 April 2007: SEO Density is not enough

Do you need help with your keyword/phrase density. Do you want to learn how to drive traffic to your articles. Associated Content’s very savvy Nannette Richford writes about how keyword density is not enough. Well written and well researched.


7 thoughts on “Associate Content Tip of the Day 20 April 2007: SEO Density is not enough

  1. Obviously, I recommend it Jenn. Nannette gathered great info from not only SEO sources, but from her own experiences and the AC forums. It’s well written to boot.

  2. I was not to thrilled with the thought of AC newbies following some of the specifics in that article.

    1. “For the purposes of AC, 3% to 6% is considered ideal keyword density” – this is misleading. Mike and the AC SEO people say that 5% is the highest. He posted that on Ning and later in the forums.

    2. “If you really want to draw traffic from social bookmarking have someone else bookmark your articles for you.” You know I love fellow CPs, but it takes me forever to bookmark my own, how would I have time to bookmark someon else’s? An easier and more obvious solution is to use a pseudonym to bookmark your own articles.

    The rest may be useful, but she lost me at 6%.

  3. I think giving a range is more realistic than putting a hard, “It must be exactly 5%.” Most articles aren’t going to even approach 5% without sounding idiotic.

    Having someone else bookmark you always looks better than book marking yourself. Pseudonyms get uncovered pretty quickly on the social sites.

  4. I think 3-5% is more correct than 3-6%, is what I should have written.

    Also, I thought it was okay on some social sites to bookmark your own stuff. Like Digg. I always bookmark other people’s articles, not just my own.

    I had a dream last night that you were throwing rotten eggs at me. :-( :-)

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