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Two new articles just out. Writing Tips & REM. Learn & have fun.

Useless Phrases that Killed Your Writing’s Impact
Even the best writer can fall prey to these killer phrases. Maybe you’re tired. Maybe you didn’t edit sufficiently. Maybe you don’t know better. These are the phrases that detract from your writing and give your article the impact of a wet noodle in lunar gravity. These are the phrases that qualify as padding in web/article writing. Learn what they are. Avoid them at all cost. Read more »
10 Essential REM Videos on Youtube
Need a pocket collection of one of the world’s best bands? Check out the essential collection of REM videos available via the mysterious magic of Youtube. There are probably a few memories in here for you. This was and AC special content request, but I had fun doing it. I wanted to do it months ago. I’m glad I waited. When AC guaranteed a minimum rate, I jumped at it. Read more »

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