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Associated Content Writing Contest: Deadline 13 May 2007

Publishing Deadline: 13 May 2007.

Submissions are now being accepted for the Best Kept Secret of My Town/City contest. The winner will be picked by the AC staff and awarded $125. Note that this is a publishing deadline.

New content producers at Associated Content must have 3 articles reviewed before they are allowed to publish instantly. If you are signing up as new you better get busy. It takes 1-2 weeks to get an article through the review process. That means that new CP should submit ASAP.

How you can enter

  1. Write a 400 word on longer account of the Best Kept Secret of Your Town/City.
  2. Put ___ city/town’s Best Kept Secret in the sub headline field. (Example: Headline: Anderson Park Subheadline: Denver’s Best Kept Secret)
  3. Submit your story to AC using the Local template.
  4. Select either the non-exclusive or exclusive option.
  5. Select non-pay for quicker processing. While entries submitted for payment are acceptable, please note that your submission must be published on Associated Content by May 13th. Submitting content for payment review takes longer for your content to get published.

If it were me, I’d use non-exclusive and non-pay as the submission options, but that’s a personal preference.


2 thoughts on “Associated Content Writing Contest: Deadline 13 May 2007

  1. I grew up in a little tiny town I learned later was a KKK haven. I have black friends in Louisville who’ve told me they wouldn’t dare drive through there. YOu think that would work?

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