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I’m wondering if Bill Maher is watching me

I’ll admit, I enjoy Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO. I’m not fanatical and don’t cry for a week if I miss one, but I’m usually coming off a Sci-Fi bloat on Friday nights and it’s good for several laughs.

Maher and my politics are pretty far apart. I’m so middle of the road, I have a yellow line painted down my back. I lean to the right just southeast of Libertarian. Bill’s is pretty much a one Czar short of Communism. So why do I watch?

It’s funny for the most part. It gets me thinking about things I wouldn’t normally bother with. It also runs my wife out of the room, so there’s that 60 minutes of peace and quiet.

The show that aired on 13 April 2007 started a chain of paranoid synapse firings that has me convinced of a Bill Maher conspiracy to watch me from his side of the television. I think he’s stocking me.

I nearly slid out of my chair last Friday when he did a segment called “John McCain’s Zagat’s Travel Guide.” It was a funny piece with a funny premise. I should know because I practically wrote it. The parallels between Maher’s schtick and my Cheap Over-looked Vacation Packages (written back in January 2007) were astounding.

We both mention Baghdad and the green zone. We both used prisons; he use Abu-ghraib; I used Gitmo. Both pieces used the dangerous, hot spots on the globe as a vacation spoof.

Am I accusing Maher of stealing my material? No, of course not. It’s just strange how the world works. I see things on TV and say, “I wished I’d thought of that.” Now I can say, “Hey did you see Real Time the other night? I thought of that first.”


5 thoughts on “I’m wondering if Bill Maher is watching me

  1. haha – thanks for sharing! It is funny how that happens sometimes. When I was a kid, my dad would always “invent” household items that we would later (sometimes years later) see in stores. lol

  2. Don’t think the media is above stealing your idea. Granted that may not have happened with Real Time but it probably happens more than we know.

  3. I’m sure Maher’s writers surf blogs and such for material all the time. A funny Super Bowl ad for beer (where they slapped each other) was ripped off of a comedy group that had posted a similar routine on YouTube. But they say imitation is the highest flattery. So, congratulations.

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