Associate Content Tip of the Day 16 April 2007: Pen Names

Your profile at Associated Content has an optional field labeled “Pen Name.” If you don’t use it, your first and last names will display by default as your by-line. If you would like to customize your by-line, simply fill in the pen name field.

Anytime you change the profile field, all of your articles will display your new pen name. It may take a day or two for all of the articles to update, but eventually they will change.

Some things to note. When you leave comments in articles, the comment will be tagged with your current pen name and will not change if you change your pen name later. If you are applying to be a Feature Contributor, AC requires your pen name to be realistic. For example John Smith is acceptable, Johnmeister834243 is not.



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  1. *thinking of ways to trick people into changing their first names so they’ll be locked out of forums*

  2. Your an evil, evil man Lee. I like that.

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