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Now that Imus is Fired

Just to let y’all know that Imus wasn’t the last racist on earth and the problem hasn’t been solved with his sacking.  Take a look at this guy from of all things a C-SPAN broadcast.  Now tell me there aren’t any racist left.

Anyone care to comment on that?


7 thoughts on “Now that Imus is Fired

  1. Oh, great! First of all, it’s still wintry here on April 15, it’s dreary and cold, I have a headache and I gotta hear THIS guy? Ain’t life grand?

  2. So — how do you decide who is white? I mean, the only place you’re likely to find people who are racially pure black is Africa; most American blacks are mixed to some extent. And what about directly mixed families? If you accept half-black children as black, does that mean they get to kill their mothers or fathers? What about me? I have a trace of black ancestry — but I’m ostensibly white and culturally redneck intellectual (yes, it does happen). Do I get to remain 1% alive? but no, I’m something running close to a quarter Native American, and he didn’t propose to kill Indians; so I guess I get to be about 25% alive. He was a pretty light-skinned black himself, so probably a quarter of him gets killed. In the summer I can get darker than he is — so does that spare me even more killing? Or do I have to have the right ancestry, like the Nazis did? Or if you’re black, do you just “know” magically?

    This is why it’s meaningless to talk about race in the United States. We are almost all mixed to some extent if our families have been here more than a couple of generations. The “race war” is actually a culture clash that was engendered in the cultural differences between North and South (don’t believe me? Read “Black Rednecks” by brilliant economist Thomas Sowell — who happens to be dark skinned — for some hard truths for all skin colors). It’s time to stop couching it in the simple terms of skin color and start talking about it as what it really is.

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