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Associated Content’s newest feature

Things change all the time. Associated Content installed their newest feature yesterday. It makes my article about using the publish template a little out of date, but that’s OK because it’s progress.

On page three of AC’s publishing template there is now an area labeled “Terms that describe the topic of your content. (5 max, separate by commas).” Here’s the official pop-up help:

Search Tags

Enter single words or phrases that describe and define your content, specifically and in general. These tags are used to link this submission to related content and vice versa.Example: An article on the 2008 Presidential Election could have these search tags: politics, presidential election, election 2008, Barak Obama, John McCain

So what is it really? Tagging. Which is cool and very helpful to the search engines.


5 thoughts on “Associated Content’s newest feature

  1. Geez! I’m out of the loop for two days and they make a change like this? That’s pretty nifty. Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. Yes, thanks to you pointing this out I was able to edit my article in queue to include the tags. I didn’t notice the template change on my own.

  3. This could really work for the pageview system that AC has. Simply make sure that your articles mention the top tags that people are searching for.

    Think of the cash flow now. Yeah right!

    Thanks for the 411!

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