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Are your tvs too close?

My lovely wife, who knows way more than I do, had the TV up way too loud.  I didn’t complain because the TV I was watching was on mute.  I looked up from the computer long enough to see if we were watching the same channel.

My TV was muted on the Cartoon Network.  Her TV was blaring out MSNBC and some story about American Idol.  Something about the underdog, underwear, uber-idol that nine year olds find compelling.  I honestly don’t know the details.

Oddly the cartoon characters on my screen were in perfect sync with the talking heads on her screen.  Animated mouths, hinged at the neck were spewing out the same tele-prompter text as MSNBC.

I love the universe when it tells me I’m right about “reality” TV.  I have to go watch South Park now.


3 thoughts on “Are your tvs too close?

  1. I have the same problem at our house. My husband is so hard of hearing that I never have the volumne on in the kitchen where my TV is localed because his TV is so loud in the living room. If we watch TV in the same room I have to wear ear plugs while he wears his hearing aids. Grow older is a laugh a minute. :)

  2. Hey South Park was a great show back in it’s time lol.I hate the TV blaring.My daughter seems to think full volume is the only way to go.This way she can be in any room and still hear her show .

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