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Argh! Taxes

I finally buckled down and did the annual tax dance.  I’ve been using Turbo Tax for the last few years, but this year kind of threw me when there was nothing to download.  You do it all online.  It’s just a wee bit sneaky of Intuit to do it this way, but still cheaper than the human services.

You start of by picking a product.  No problem.  I’ll take basic software for $40, Alex.  Once I get to the Schedule C, the site recommends a better package.  Read “$80” software for “better.”  I decline.

Next it asks me if I want to enter deductions on my own or use their “Deduction Maximizer.”  There’s no indication that their will be a difference so I pick the guided help.  All said and done and the total charge is around $80.  Huh?  I guess the Maximizer isn’t free.

Oh well, it could have been a lot worse.  I don’t have any dependents to claim this year at least not as the IRS defines “dependent.”  The girls are out and on their own now.  “On their own” means that I can’t claim them, but they still stop by to mooch of their old man.  Maybe I can claim that as charitable contributions?

My fear was that the loss of those dependent deductions were going to spank me hard because I never updated my W-4 withholdings.  Thank Jebus I only have to pay a couple of hundred bucks to the Feds.

Now I have to go figure out why my State refund went from $600 to $5 when I answered two questions.  Hopefully the hair will last, but it’s coming out in clumps.  I’m not going to do the fair/flat tax rant, but the tax code is way out of hand.

Good luck with your forms.


2 thoughts on “Argh! Taxes

  1. Sorry to hear about the taxes. Won’t rub it in I completed mine in January and two weeks later had my refund in the bank.

    Ironically, my ex was audited and the IRS wanted to know why we never claimed any deductions. Were they trying to give us money? They’re a complicated beast…

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