Associated Content

Associated Content Special Offer good thru 6 April 2007

Associated Content is guaranteeing a minimum of $8 for every exclusive Product Review received through Friday, April 6th.

What do you own that you couldn’t live without? Whether it’s a pair of jeans or a set of golf clubs, a handbag or a headache reliever, a kayak or a camera, we want you to write about it! Discuss why you bought your product, specific features you love, even what you wish you could change.

Each article should:

  • Provide a brief synopsis in the first paragraph. Web users tend to scan information, so you want to engage them quickly or else they’ll click away.
  • Be descriptive and use your keywords (words or phrases a web user would enter when searching for information on your product) throughout.
  • Use the name of your product in the headline.
  • Be at least 400 words.

Make sure you type “CSO” in the sub-headline field so your content qualifies for this special offer.

Maximum 5 product reviews per Content Producer. AC reserves the right to decline any submissions due to poor quality.

Other Topic Ideas
These are not included in the CSO above, but AC is looking for articles about:

  • Activities and Restaurants for Mother’s Day/Father’s Day/Graduations
  • Must-Have Gifts for the High School Grad
  • Celebrities
  • Home Remodeling and Repair Projects
  • Wedding Reception Halls, Dresses
  • New Model Product Reviews
  • Where to Take ___ Lessons in ___ (City)
  • First-Hand Travel Reviews
  • __ City/Neighborhood’s Top Restaurant

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