Associate Content Tip of the Day 30 March 2007: Referrals

Here’s a video that walks you through how to use the AC referral system.  Spread the word and get paid for doing it. Thanks to Timothy Scheiman



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  1. Geez, you’re quick.

    Totally unrelated to anything except zombies!

  2. Sorry that was me – not really Anonymous

  3. Hi Pam. It’s OK to post your real link :) Y’all visit Pam at

    (shhh! she got ads. I don’t. Dang. She’s smarter than me too. Dang. Dang. Dang.)

  4. What, you don’t like the zombies?

    The ads are not mine, unfortunately since I am not paying for the site. The ads are posted by Ning. I am not smarter, just tricker, plus you know, Macs have secret Internet advantages….

    Come play with us!!

  5. Secret Mac advantages? Like the Masons? I should have joined up ages ago. Sneaky Monkey.

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