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Associated Content Tip of the Day 29 March 2007: Editing Your Pre-published Article

After you submit your article for payment you still have time to proof and edit.  Anytime before you accept the offer you may open the article in view and/or edit mode to proof or change.

Click the My Content tab.  To the left of your queued articles will be three icons which correspond to preview, edit, and delete (top down).

To edit your article, click the icon that looks like a pencil. The will take you back through the 5-page publishing template allowing you to edit anything that you want.  From there you may make corrections to the body of your article, add/edit takeaways, add photos (sorry deleting a photo is not currently an option,/u>), etc.

The red “x” will delete the article from the queue completely and it will be forever gone.  Be careful with the “x”.  There’s no undo.

These icons work the same way for Display Only articles.


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