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Associate Content: The honest company you have to shake a stick at

Associate Content is huge and growing. Like any growing company they are experiencing growing pains. The nice thing is they don’t let the fact that they get behind sometimes change the fact that they are honest in their dealings with their content providers. In a world of Enrons, it’s refreshing to find a company that will stand up and say, “Yep. You’re right. Our bad.”

Case in point their referral program. Like many web sites, AC gives perks and bonuses when you refer others to participate. They have changed the offer a few times. It used to be sign up 5 and get $5 each. Then they changed it to $3 a head. Right now they have a whole slew of new ways to pay.

I have been with AC since July 2006. According to their records, 14 people used my referral link to join. I had never seen a dime. Was this slight, dishonesty, maleficence? No; it turns out it was a simple oversight. After posting just such a question in the AC forum, I was asked by AC to send the list to a particular address.

Without so much as a “hiydee-ho,” I got a deposit email from PayPal for $42. The note attached was, “This payment is for 14 outstanding referrals…” Implied is, “Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Our bad.”

Shaking a stick or being the squeaky wheel have their places. It never hurts to ask. Some companies will blow you off. It’s always refreshing to deal with an honest company like AC. They are willing to listen and make things right. So much on the web today is a scam. The internet is full of “you pay us to write” sites. Associate Content is a rare internet company that does what it promises…pays you to write. The extra is they put a human face on your computer. There are actual AC employees who interact with the content producers.

If you’re thinking about joining the AC community or even if you are already a member, don’t overlook the AC forums. There is where you can find information that is available no where else on the site. Most of the participants try to help each other navigate the choppy waters that arise from time to time. It’s in the forum that you can make quick, direct contact when questions arise.

Somehow, somewhere the forum got a bad reputation. Like every free-for-all there are moments that devolve, but in the long run, the information and comradeship is irreplaceable.


6 thoughts on “Associate Content: The honest company you have to shake a stick at

  1. In reference to your article you mention “So much on the web today is a scam”. I don’t think people realize that.
    Don’t believe what you see! manipulates inputted statistical information and deletes content, that was add by us, the public. After a several complaints about this site, I tested the site using my information. Within days, it was manipulated and/or deleted. I contacted the owner, Benjamin Foote at 503-313-5379 who is based out of Portland, OR. He basically said, that he has every right to modify or delete content, since he owns the site. He also said, that he had checked with his lawyers and it was not illegal. I guess he feels that he can manipulate us. Most of us still care about ethics and morals, not the law. I think we should let him know our thoughts. The following emails belong to the owner. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get a response, that’s why I had to call. It’s a shame, because it looked like a decent site. or or

    Consumer Advocate

  2. The easiest place to find your link is on “My Account” tab at AC. Then click the “My Invites” link. You’ll see your referral link there. Copy it and put it where ever you’d like. Email signature, forum signatures to name just two.

    On the “My invites” page you can also input email addresses and a brief message to send to your buds. You can track your invites that you send out that way on the same page.

  3. Glad AC made good. Although I may grumble here and there about AC, they are definitely legit. And, it’s a fun community with groovy peeps :)

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