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Associated Content Tip of the Day 23 March 2007: Jargon

Every business has its own jargon and acronyms. Working in a government environment, I’ve held entire conversations that sounded like a spelling bee. Associated Content is no different. Some of these are obvious, but let’s spell out some of the terms frequently thrown around Associated Content especially in their forums.

  • AC = Associated Content (We’re starting off slowly).
  • CP = Content Producer: A contributor of articles, videos, and audio content to the AC site.
  • CM = Content Manager: An AC employee who reviews CP submissions.
  • Offer = A monetary bid made by a CM to a CP for their submission.
  • Rejection = A no-bid offer made by a CM as in “We can’t pay you for this, but you can submit for free.”
  • CSO = Content Special Offer: an email or newsletter that AC sends out requesting/suggesting topics. Often the CSO will be accompanied by a minimum guaranteed rate, but not always.
  • C4C = Call for Content: A newer name/program for the CSO.
  • Assignments: Yet a newer name for C4C with no real change in how they operate.
  • Taxes = Monies owed the government on income. Even a single dollar is taxable. Any money you earn with AC is taxable. Once you reach $600, the IRS requires the company to send you a 1099. If you reach $600, expect AC to ask for your SSN/EIN.
  • PV = Page Views: A count of the number of hits your article has seen. See also “non-real-time counter.” PV are update about once per night.
  • Bonus = AKA PV Bonus: The amount of money your article(s) made from the number of page views. See also “non-real-time counter.” The bonus is paid once a month on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.
  • These last few may or may not be accurate

  • AC Ambassador = A long extinct mythical creature similar to the elemental of Leap Castle.
  • FC = Featured Contributor. A regular contributor who specializes in certain topics. To become an FC, you have to apply for the job and then provide a set amount of submissions each month
  • Jerk = A CP that posts in the forum under the name theBarefoot. He frequently bashes noobies and posts useless crap.
  • Low Offer = Getting less than your previous offer. Usually the result of low keyword density or just being too lazy to roll with the punches and figure things out for yourself.
  • High Offer = Another long extinct mythical creature similar to a meteorite.
  • AC Video = Something that when it actually plays makes you feel like you won the lottery.
  • AC Audio = Something submitted for free that still takes more than 2 weeks to publish.
  • Submission = Anything you submit to AC. A CP that makes a submission is also known as a supplicant.
  • Beta = a web site in a constant state of flux both from a technical & business model point of view.
  • BOL = Best of Luck: what you will need on your adventures at AC.

7 thoughts on “Associated Content Tip of the Day 23 March 2007: Jargon

  1. I wish you had written this article several months ago when I was a newbie at AC. You’ll get a lot of hits and bonus pennies on this one.

  2. Hysterical! No not me silly – the article. I hate technical manuals of any sort so after reading the first list of tips I took a nap. When the nurses came to wake me up for my medication I read the second half. It was then that I laughed so hard I fell off my porta potty. Do you have a mop and a pooper scooper I can borrow? Oh, and a file with a cake around it.

  3. Thanks, Barefoot, for referring me to your site. I see hours of reading here and sure wish I had seen this when I first signed up. It could have saved me a lot of time and perhaps would have prevented me from being the latest laughable newbie.

    I do not understand how to use the “tags” (above) at all and I presume we are expected to leave our AC website address. If I continue to embarrass myself with stupid newbie things, I may simply go hide someplace and never return here.

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