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AC Tip of the day for 20 March 2007

Incomplete articles
When publishing an article at AC there are normally 5 pages in the publishing template:

  1. Exclusive/Non-exclusive. Pay/No-Pay
  2. Headline/sub-heading/abstract/article
  3. Highlights/factoid/supporting links/category
  4. Photo
  5. Preview & publish

You can stop at any page short of pressing the “Publish” button on page 5 and your article will be saved, but not published. It will be listed as “Incomplete” on your My Content page.

You may return to any unpublished article by clicking the “e” icon to the left of the article title on the Content page. Step back through the template pages using the “save/next” button after making your edits.

Once you are satisfied with the article don’t forget to press the “Publish” button on page 5. It is located in the upper left corner. Once the “Publish” button is pressed the article will go into the review queue (payment options) or publish immediately* (non-payment).

*CP that have at least 3 published pieces may publish instantly. New CP will have to have their articles reviewed by a content manager before the article can be published.

You can find more tips on AC at AC in the FAQ for Content Producers.


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