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Now I think Luke is Insane

Does this universal discomfort and obvious importance mean that the user-generated label ought to be dumped? Probably.” — AC blog

Well…you have to read to whole post and decide. The label, maybe. The concept, I hope not. I’m not a label. I’m a human being. Then again, soylent green is made of people.

I have to go blow my nose, scratch my ear, walk the dog and do some other human things.


7 thoughts on “Now I think Luke is Insane

  1. Sometimes I think we all spend too much time on line. Hope the dog enjoyed the walk. As for Luke, I read that blog entry and I’m still scatching my head about it’s meaning.

  2. A few more, up/down/around grades is just what AC needs. Maybe if they didn’t use low flow toilets they wouldn’t be so backed up.

  3. It confuzzled me.

    That was the most rambling post I’ve ever seen Luke do.

    Plus, the grammar killed me. “UGC has took center stage.”

    Has took?

    Okay, enough nitpicking.

    What the hell did he just say?

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