I Like the Way Luke Thinks

Associated Contents blog doesn’t get updated very often, but when it does, there are some very interesting gems that shine on it. Like this from the 8 March 2007 entry by Luke, AC top dog:

“Note to self and lesson learned: AC’s engineers and designers need to develop templates that allow Content Producers to deliver highly customized content that that can be “tuned” appropriately. Future online media assets must to be enabled by base model templates that will allow the CP to expand the batter’s box.”

Naturally, it will take a while before an idea becomes a reality, but this type of long-term thinking gives me a good feeling about where AC is and where it’s going. Seems that at least Luke sees it as a company with a big future. What’s your take on it?



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  1. I like the fact that it seems they are willing to change with the times. If AC gets locked into one way of doing things, it will get stagnet.

  2. I’m liking where his thoughts are leading him too…

    With this idea in mind, the new page views reporting and page view bonuses that rolled out today…

    Well, I’m starting to have a bit more faith in AC again and am very excited to see where things are going!

  3. Can you be even more of a brown-noser?

    Oh — then you’d be me.

  4. You mean, our “favorite CPs” on our CP page will be something like, like, dare I say, “friends” on MySpace???

    I’m also in agreement the page view bonuses are pretty groovy.

  5. The day AC turns into MySpace is the day I stab someone with a spoon.

  6. princessinsomnia March 10, 2007 — 18:11

    “The day AC turns into MySpace is the day I stab someone with a spoon.”

    I second that!

  7. A dull rusty spoon at that!

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