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Music Music Music

With Berry’s permission, I posted a cut off The Emerald River Project CD at Associated Content. The track is called Run for Your Life and is reminiscent of The Band. Give it a listen. I know you’ll like it.

Berry is still shopping a label, but you can order an advanced copy by emailing chrisberryandtheretrofitters at hotmail dot com. It will be the best $10 you’ve spent in a long time. I promise. You may even get an autograph thrown in for free. That could be worth something one day.

If you haven’t read the interview, you should know that The Retrofitters are not some garage band start up. Berry is a seasoned musician with years of studio and stage time. You won’t be flushing $10 on this CD. It is better than most of the junk on store shelves at this moment.

Do yourself a favor and brighten you life with some good music.


One thought on “Music Music Music

  1. I listened. Nice.

    Kind of a Blues Traveler, folksy, somebody-else’s-voice-I-have-in-mind-who’s-name-isn’t-coming-to-me-till-I-hit-the-Submit-Comment-button feel to it.

    Run for your life!

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