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Associated Content Makes Good on Its Promise

After months of promises, AC finally installed the Beta version of their page reporter. Sounds like a simple web site feature, but since it was a retro-fit, an after-thought so to speak, for AC, it took a while. Members, AKA Content Producers, now have access to the page view count of their individual articles. Until now, they’ve only had a nebulous “clout” indicator. Clout was defined as the combined page views of all a CP’s articles with a little bonus thrown in for quantity. Clout was never a very accurate measure of what was really being read.

With each article broken out, it is easier for a CP to see what is getting hit and what has the potential to garner higher monetary offers from AC. Several factors come into play when analyzing page views.

1. Longevity: If an article has been floating around on the web for a while and it has a good, focused, searchable title/content, it’s going to have a very high PV.

2. Popularity: Whether it’s the topic or the CP, popularity is a key factor. Pop-topics are going to get high PV then peter out. CP with a following are going to get decent PV on most of their articles regardless. After all, we all have our favorite authors. It works the same in the book store. Stumped for something to buy? Buy who you like.

3. Promotion: If an article gets picked up by a blogger or other web site, it’s going to drive hits. I’ve seen this effect personally and can testify that my articles that were tagged by other sites have significantly higher PV than my other stock.

So now the big reveal. Which of my articles has the highest page views? No surprise to me, it’s My Top 8 Reasons for Hating MySpace. Published in Oct 2006, it still receives hysterical comments to this day. It’s a popular topic. It’s easily searchable. It’s gotten some decent promotion. My only regret is that I gave it to AC for free. DOAH! But the trade-off is, AC has paid me for articles that received less than 1/5th the views.

The best part of this story is that AC may have taken their own sweet time making this change, but end the end, they made good on their promise. They may be slow, but they’re consistent.


4 thoughts on “Associated Content Makes Good on Its Promise

  1. Duh! I didn’t even realize we could see our article counts.

    Oh yeah, and Randy, if you type in “” to your blog worth thingee it’s up to $6,700 and more now. Go update that widget, man!

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