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I envy iPod toting slothful hippie punks

I really love music. I have a ton of vinyl (yes I’m that old) which is impossible to carry around. I’ve got a few CDs, but just haven’t kept up to speed on buying the latest. I ripped everything I own onto my computer which is handy but the speakers, like all laptop speakers, suck.

I sat down tonight to make a first pass at a new CD that a friend sent me to review. I slapped it in the laptop and my wife said, “Do you have headphones because I’m going to bed.” Well turns out I do have some headphones. Who knew? I sat down did a little work and then the CD ended.

The ripped library was staring me in the face. I picked a few favorites and started poking around my neglected play list…through headphones!

This made me realize three things:
1. The sound was great in these headphones.
2. You can’t dance with a laptop. (No. It wasn’t pretty. Thanks for asking.)
3. I now envy all the slackers walking around with iPods and such.

Having the ability to plug Queens of the Stone Age in to my head when work gets me blurry eyed would be a great coffee substitute. Plugging Trouble Hubble into my brain while my boss bitches at me for something I didn’t do would be the ultimate. The Ramones could really change my computer code. I’m not sure if for the better, but it would have an impact.

I need more music in my life. Someone once said, “Life is what happens while the music plays.” Maybe it was just a commercial I remember, but it is true. Without music pulsing in my ears, I tend to make my own. Believe me no one wants that!


3 thoughts on “I envy iPod toting slothful hippie punks

  1. I had some dire Hall & Oates song stuck in my head at what the hell o’clock this morning, when I woke up, unable to sleep any longer. Talk about not pretty.

    You could always get an iPod Shuffle. Those aren’t that expensive. Or get a Not-an-iPod. Those are even cheaper. Not as cool, but hey, cheap’s cheap.

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