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Snot Nosed Brat

Ever have anything stolen? I hadn’t until now. I’ve been violated by a 17 year-old girl. Normally that would be fun, but in this case, she ripped me off.

It started a few weeks ago when I was googling myself (I always giggle like a school boy when I say that) and found an article that I wrote on a MySpace profile page. The article was a satirical commentary on addiction using MySpace as the theme. This chick lifted whole paragraphs out of it, shoved in her on expletives, and used it as her swan-song to MySpace.

Yeah, I could let it go, but give ’em and inch and they’ll take a mile.

There is no way in hell I’m joining the undead of MySpace to comment on her page. She doesn’t appear to use it anyway and would probably never see it. She does all of her psycho ranting on Live Journal. I dropped a comment on her LJ page which she promptly deleted. I left a second which disappeared and she blocked anonymous postings. So I created a LJ profile and left a 3rd.

I’m not letting this drop. I even have help from a few friends that are telling her how serious copyright infringement is.

I did contact MySpace 3 times requesting that the page be pulled. Still waiting to hear back from the 3rd attempt. She probably is enjoying the drama of it all. She’s a trouble 17 year-old girl who thinks boosting stuff on the web is perfectly fine. I guess growing up on the internet has skewed the next generation’s values.

edit ********** edit. Just take it down or edit the text. It’s easy to do. It’s the right thing to do. It’s the legal thing to do. When you do that, I’ll tell the world what a nice young lady you are and remove the LJ entry that labels you a plagiarist.

And dear readers I ask you, what would you do if you found your work uncited on someone else’s web site? How would you handle this situation?


She’s a nice girl from a nice family. Either that or MySpace got the message. I don’t know which.


5 thoughts on “Snot Nosed Brat

  1. Hey! Looks like someone got through to her :)

    What would I do? I had a similar situation happen this summer. I submitted a photo I took while in Afghanistan to the trip organization and they posted it on their Web site but credited someone else. I politely contacted the organization and they took care of crediting me.

    I would do the same thing (for photo or text) if I didn’t know the organization but I would also invoice the violating company for using the content. If I were unsuccessful after that, I’d get a posse together to rumble :)

  2. Hmm, I’m always the last to know! I love drama, wish I could have seen it all.. It appears to be all gone now. Blah!

  3. I hate that for you but I know how it feels! A fellow ACer let me know of a website where someone took one of my articles (along with other peoples’ articles, though I don’t know if they were all from AC) and copied it word for word!! I have e-mailed AC but of course they have yet to respond!!

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