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I’m not one to complain

…but AC is really pissing me off lately. Associated Content. Yes I write there. Yes. I like the site. But their 3 unannounced outages in the last 6 days have really POed some people. I’ve been pinged by at least 1/2 dozen people who threw their hands in the air like they just don’t give a flying fig about publishing another blasted thing on AC.

What has really gotten under my skin is the “upgrade” they did to their email system. I don’t think there is an emoticon for the rage I feel about this one.

Associated Content has been promising their authors (AKA Content Producers, “CP”) many requested upgrades for many moons. Sometimes they just pull stuff out of their virtual asses to hand us. The latest being a tweak to their messaging system.

1. No one asked for it.

2. It was working pretty well before you dicked with it.

3. Now, no one is getting any email.

Associated Content tried and failed. They broke their system. CPs used to get confirmation emails when they published. No more. CPs used to get emails when someone left a comment in an article. No more. CPs used to get emails sent to their subscribers when an article published. No more. AC can’t even notify a CP when another CP messages them via the intra-site system.

No mas!

Dear AssociateContent: If you don’t want anyone to read articles on your site, I understand. You used to send emails to my buddies, but now you’ve forced my hand. If you could just fix your software, that would be grand. Until you do, why should I take a stand?

One way or another, you have to fix this. Sending email from a web site is the easiest thing you can do from a web server. You should review your triggers.

On an unrelated note: I’ve updated my blogroll. I made several additions of some really cool people and made one important deletion. I don’t know all the in’s and out’s of blog etiquette, but I do know this. If I can’t comment on your site because you are a bigoted jerk, I won’t link you here. The culprit will never know, because he is just as I described.


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