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Double Takes

I’m always amused at things that on the surface look odd. There may be a perfectly good reason for these scenarios, but at first glance by tiny brain just rattles around in that huge noggin of mine and says, “Bazzawha?” Fortunately, I’m so easily amused that I don’t have to travel far to be totally confused. Just a jaunt to the grocery store will usually suffice.

At the store, I witnessed a young lady cleaning the shelf that holds the cleaning products. My head nearly snapped off doing the double take. I’m sure that area gets dirty, but having to clean up the cleaning supplies just made me laugh. Maybe I was just primed from the sign on the seafood case that read “FRESH (previously frozen) Shrimp.”

It was really the “Vegetarian Eggs” that started it all. I almost fell down skidding to a halt. I read the package for the explanation. It started to make sense, but the logic just fell apart in the end. I won’t even try to explain this one. I just bought the regular eggs and moved on.

I had to get out of there, but the most recent brain-bane awaited me on the drive. There’s no by-passing the large banner outside the Baptist church on the corner, “FREE English Lessons.” Maybe they would have better attendance with “Aprenda inglés para libre.” If I was dropped into Seoul and saw a sign that read “house on stilts, bird lying down, box with a flag” I would have no idea they were offering free language classes. Who is this sign for?

So now my brain hurts. I should go have a chat with those Baptist.


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