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Get mad. Get creative.

Cell Phone Use in Polite Society
There is a time and place for every thing. Talking to your dog groomer is not appropriate when holding up the line at the grocery store. Think before you flip that phone out and start a “private” conversation.


4 thoughts on “Get mad. Get creative.

  1. Oh yeah. I could go on for paragraphs about that one. It’s like some boundary has been erased, the little voice that tells you “Hey, maybe this conversation isn’t for public consumption.”

  2. even with the privacy of cell phone conversations aside, some places people choose to answer or make calls needs to be questioned too.

    There could be a whole set of rules about cell phones in cars.

  3. Here here, I don’t want to hear anyones conversation unless they are calling 911 for me or a family member.

    I can understand sitting at a coffee house and chatting on the phone but some people just don’t think.

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