The holidays are past. The new year has begun. Grandmother’s health is poor but she was released from the hospital into the arms of a horrific nursing home. My brother-in-law actually worked at the exact facility and has awful stories. He finally quit, but his mother wouldn’t listen and stuck G-Ma in there.

We can only pray that God sees fit to take care of one of his angels on earth. I see travel in my future and didn’t need a horoscope to figure that out. I wish I could say, “I feel funny” and mean that I want to write something humorous. Let’s just make a wish, say a prayer, sacrifice a goat, whatever it takes to make this a good year.

Happy birthday Grandmother Bernice. 92 is a great number.



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  1. I hope everything works out for the best, or at least as good as it can be under such circumstances.

  2. Rhonda Oneslager January 6, 2007 — 05:21

    Happy Birthday Bernice! May God’s blessings be upon you.

    Randy, you have a good heart my man.


  3. The Bird ( *)> January 7, 2007 — 18:08

    Happy Birthday Grandma Bernice.

  4. catherineneal2006 January 7, 2007 — 18:56

    Happy Birthday Grandma Bernice! Women sure are living longer now of days.

    Randy, my prayers are with you.

  5. Thanks guys & dolls. She’s doing OK so far.

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