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I have 100,000 TV, cable, radio, and internet stations broadcasting into my brain. Every second of every minute of every hour of every freakin’ day they say…

I only beg for that one, clear, small voice that will tell me how her day was. I just want a conversation; a clear true conversation. Inane, microscopic dissection of how the weather was bad, the dog made a mess, and how we can relax now that the sun went down.

Stories and conversations aren’t too much to ask for, are they? We can make eye contact and be our real selves for just a minute. Take a few seconds out of every day to make contact and make a difference


One thought on “100,000

  1. Ditto on that. I love a good conversation. Only as of late it seems everytime I start talking someone is telling me to shut up or no one seems to listen to what I have to say. :( Oh well I know theres someone out there that will listen someday.

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