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Anyone seen my lung?

This cold/flu/bug what ever it is that’s going around at work finally caught up with me. I did manage to tap out some holiday shopping tips between coughing fits. I recommend that every citizen serve 2 years in the military, Peace Corps, or working in a retail department store. I promise it will make you a better person.

Now where are the good drugs?


5 thoughts on “Anyone seen my lung?

  1. Behind the pharmacy counter. Apparently all the meth-heads were buying up the decongestants, so now you have to ask a pharmacist for it. The crap they put on the shelves doesn’t do jack to get rid of a stuffy nose. I have the same cold and it sucks.

  2. Man, hope you both feel better. I’m hoping that I’m not catching anything. Though the throat is getting sore.

    I could understand if the police were tracking the names in the box but that’s just a hassle for those who are sick.

  3. I hope your feeling better soon. I had the creeping crud for a week or two. UGH, not only was I coughing up a lung but I was so drained I hardly wanted to get out of bed for a few days. Umm, maybe to much unnecessary info.


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