Anyone seen my lung?

This cold/flu/bug what ever it is that’s going around at work finally caught up with me. I did manage to tap out some holiday shopping tips between coughing fits. I recommend that every citizen serve 2 years in the military, Peace Corps, or working in a retail department store. I promise it will make you a better person.

Now where are the good drugs?



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  1. Behind the pharmacy counter. Apparently all the meth-heads were buying up the decongestants, so now you have to ask a pharmacist for it. The crap they put on the shelves doesn’t do jack to get rid of a stuffy nose. I have the same cold and it sucks.

  2. True Julia. Your signature just goes in a box and no one will ever analyzed the purchase patterns of these junkies.

  3. Man, hope you both feel better. I’m hoping that I’m not catching anything. Though the throat is getting sore.

    I could understand if the police were tracking the names in the box but that’s just a hassle for those who are sick.

  4. Rhonda Oneslager December 22, 2006 — 20:57

    I hope your feeling better soon. I had the creeping crud for a week or two. UGH, not only was I coughing up a lung but I was so drained I hardly wanted to get out of bed for a few days. Umm, maybe to much unnecessary info.


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