A sign from the Lord

There is a church building that I pass on my drive to and from work. Whoever puts the messages on the sign in front of it understands that God has a sense of humor.Often the standard “Prayer Conditioned” or “Sign Broken. Message Inside” is posted, but sometimes the humor is unintentional.

In passing the other day, I read “Pancake Breakfast. Sunday 9:30.” This caught my attention because, well…pancakes! Who doesn’t love pancakes? I thought about converting to Epresbapiscolterianism right there on the spot just to get my lips around those sweet, sweet disks.

But I drove on and my brain started a series of random firings.

Pancakes…this Sunday…wait, Sunday morning? 9:30. 9:30? AM? Isn’t that about the time they have their worship service? Pancakes?! That has got to be one rocking Eucharist.

Most churches will pony up a cracker or a crust of bread, but this congregation is going the proverbial extra mile. Oh, the sweet, maple syrup covered body of Christ. What a beautiful tribute to our savior. Stacks and stacks of silver dollar pancakes with a maple syrup chaser to replace the traditional wine.

I have become very interested in Epresbapiscolterianism and may enter The Southeastern Epresbapiscolterianism Seminary and Culinary School in the spring. I wonder what they use instead of holy water. If God smiles on me, it will be beer.

A sign from above



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  1. LMAO!!! Love it!! I wanna convert right along with you. But then again my pastor has his own resturant, maybe i can convince him to replace communion with his famous chicken n waffles. But I’ll tell him to keep the wine…I like wine..Thanks for sharing…LOL

  2. When they start using strawberry margaritas for holy water, let me know. I am ready to be baptized!

  3. I wonder if I could request waffles instead! But I guess if it is free I shouldn’t complain. I will, but I shouldn’t!!!

  4. HAHAHA! I’m still laughing about the “sweet, maple syrup covered body of Christ”. Too funny. You’re working on your express ticket to hell, aren’t you? LOL!

  5. Son, Get thee to a Nunnery! They got great lady fingers there.

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