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A sign from the Lord

There is a church building that I pass on my drive to and from work. Whoever puts the messages on the sign in front of it understands that God has a sense of humor.Often the standard “Prayer Conditioned” or “Sign Broken. Message Inside” is posted, but sometimes the humor is unintentional.

In passing the other day, I read “Pancake Breakfast. Sunday 9:30.” This caught my attention because, well…pancakes! Who doesn’t love pancakes? I thought about converting to Epresbapiscolterianism right there on the spot just to get my lips around those sweet, sweet disks.

But I drove on and my brain started a series of random firings.

Pancakes…this Sunday…wait, Sunday morning? 9:30. 9:30? AM? Isn’t that about the time they have their worship service? Pancakes?! That has got to be one rocking Eucharist.

Most churches will pony up a cracker or a crust of bread, but this congregation is going the proverbial extra mile. Oh, the sweet, maple syrup covered body of Christ. What a beautiful tribute to our savior. Stacks and stacks of silver dollar pancakes with a maple syrup chaser to replace the traditional wine.

I have become very interested in Epresbapiscolterianism and may enter The Southeastern Epresbapiscolterianism Seminary and Culinary School in the spring. I wonder what they use instead of holy water. If God smiles on me, it will be beer.

A sign from above


6 thoughts on “A sign from the Lord

  1. LMAO!!! Love it!! I wanna convert right along with you. But then again my pastor has his own resturant, maybe i can convince him to replace communion with his famous chicken n waffles. But I’ll tell him to keep the wine…I like wine..Thanks for sharing…LOL

  2. HAHAHA! I’m still laughing about the “sweet, maple syrup covered body of Christ”. Too funny. You’re working on your express ticket to hell, aren’t you? LOL!

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