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Dang it Sassy

I got the binoculars out and put them by the door. I was all set for the big meteor shower. Then suddenly, without warning, I fell asleep. Missed it completely. But I did have a dream last night. Like most dreams it made no sense, but somewhere in the dream was a meteor shower. So, in a way, I got to see the Leonoids last night.


2 thoughts on “Dang it Sassy

  1. I came across your page accidently, but I just had to share that I dreamed about meteors that same night! mine was a very apocalyptic scene – we knew we were gonna die. but just before “the crash” I decided that my love for my family could create a protective bubble around them. i woke up with my heart pounding. and.. called my family the next day! I think meteor dreams are a big deal, even if the dream at firsrt makes no sense. is it a metaphor for manna from heaven?

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