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I crashed and why Crash is good

Today was a HORRIBLE day. Not work; not anything in particular; just abysmal. Rainy, coldy, just a bowl-o-soup and curl-up day. I didn’t get my USDA-recommended daily allowance of sleep and it all went bejebers in a hurry.

Focus left me and I’m no good to anyone then. I cut it short and went to the only place I go when things are tough. Home. Yes I light the hearth with the first good fire of the season (checked the flue first because I’m not an idiot). I was yawning and flailing and could not keep my mind focused on anything.

There’s a movie on the counter; a DVD that I was meaning to watch because everyone said it was good. Crash. I’d read reviews, but nothing prepared me for the movie. I thought archetypes were dead. I thought God didn’t exist any where outside the human heart. Then hope was restored. I’m not going to dwell on anything. I’m not going to give away plots or do spoilers. You just have to know one thing that came from this movie. Scene 21. “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

Don’t miss the ending either. That is quite a cross walk. Keep your eye on the light and tilt your head as if you were trying to unravel an emotion. Then look down. It’s still there.

The heart that beats is a heart that cares.


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