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Opportunity Lost

Apparently I missed a huge chance to flaunt my non-psychic skills. Last weekend there was a psychic’s convention at a local hotel and somehow I totally missed it. I guess because the psychics didn’t send out strong enough vibes to reach me. Of course, the fact that I didn’t read the newspaper could have contributed to my ignorance.

Oh the havoc I could have reeked just by being there. I recently wrote a not-so-tongue-in-cheek article about my awesome anti-psychic abilities. The timing is eerie though. Did I really psychically know that the convention was coming to town? Was that the inspiration for my article? Could I actually be developing amazing psychic abilities?

More likely I’m just a jerk that spouts off what he’s thinking and the world keeps turning. Things are bound to mesh somewhere along the way. Next time I doubt that I’m the anti-psychic, I’ll just think back to all those times that nothing happened. Mathematically, life works out in the end.

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