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The Rewards of Getting Out of Your Cubicle

Leaving your comfort zone can be a very rewarding exercise. For the last two weeks, I’ve participated in an experiment at work that culminated in one of life’s biggest rewards.

My job is to consult, design, and create software solutions. Normally, I work in what some would call a cube-farm, hundreds of people in dozens of groups all trying to work towards a goal from different directions. It’s not always the most effective way of tackling a problem. We thought we’d try something different.

We broke our problem down into small tasks and put members from each group into one room. The productivity went through the roof! We are getting ahead of our goals on a regular basis, but you can’t put that many stressed people in one room without some shenanigans. After two weeks and several successes, things got a little weird.

The best time for weirdness is Friday afternoon . . . >>read the rest>>


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