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CBS Evening News Loses its Mind

All I can say is, “Wow!” A jaw-dropping, head-spinning, jowl-shaking “Wow!”

I thought my satirical piece on the alleged gas price conspiracy was so completely out there that no one could possibly believe such drivel. Leave it to the internet public to prove me wrong. The comments that the article received were unbelievable.

Here is a typical comment that was posted under the articles incarnation at

“Look into it. $10-20 per barrel is from speculation. Since dereg[ulation] over the counter and spot trades are not recorded. Hence billions of dollars are pumped into the oil market by buyers intentionally unknown. Now, who has the pockets and motive to keep the oil spec[ulation] market artificially high? What industry is wallowing in cash and would directly benifit? [sic] And who in Federal government has long ties to that industry? Connect the dots.”

Whoa! Somewhere there are always true believers. Now even the CBS Evening News is getting into the conspiracy game. . . >>read the rest>>


2 thoughts on “CBS Evening News Loses its Mind

  1. And now, we have 7 plots to plant bombs at the NFL stadiums this weekend. But, not to worry too much, each one will only wipe out about 100,000 people. With a population now reaching 300,000.000 what’s a few 700,000?

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